EM9000 Multi-Function Combo Stimulator OEM Order Only

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Product Features

Not in stock, but available for bulk orders, shipped from Taiwan.


5 TENS modes + 3 EMS modes + 7 IF modes

12 TENS pre-set programs + 12 EMS pre-set programs + 6 IF pre-set programs + 6 Pelvic pre-set programs + 6 Facial pre-set programs

Features: backlit LCD, can be used with adapter, TENS+EMS+IF+Pelvic+Facial functions

Accessories: 1 device, 1 carrying case, 4 electrode pads (5*5 cm), 2 lead wires, 1 9V battery, 1 instruction manual, 1 adaptor, 1 PR-06A rectal probe (optional), 1 PR-02A vaginal probe (optional), 4 D20/D21 metal facial electrodes (optional)

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Product overview

Ultra 9000 is a multi-functional stimulator, which includes TENS, EMS, Interferential (IF), Pelvic, and Facial functions.

It's perfect for users who have multiple needs.