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Colour : Blue
Control Type : Hand Control,Foot Control

Product Features

CA100 "SORRENTO" 7 Section Massage & Therapeutic Table (1 Motor) 

          Available Controls:   Hand Control / Foot Control / 4 Sides Elevating Bars)


   •  Available Controllers (Please select a Control Type)

             •  Hand Control (backorder only) •  Foot Control (backorder only) •  4 Sides Elevating Bars

   •  Available Colours (Please select a Colour)

             •  Black      •  Grey      •  Blue     

   • 1 Motorized Actuator for Hi/Lo Adj.

   • Twin “Oversized” Pillars for Added Stability

   • Individual “Leveling Foot” on All 4 Corners

   • Retractable Castors at Both Ends

   • Twin Gas Struts for Solid Leg Section Support

   • Single Gas Strut for Centre Arching & Head Section

   • Maximum Load Capacity of 225 kgs / 496 lbs

   • Warranty Period (Years):

             • 1 yr on Mechanical Parts

             • 2 yrs on Electronics

             • 3 yrs on Frame

    • 100~240VAC (Universal Voltage)

    • Plug Type: US Plug

The CA100 7 Section Therapeutic Table has been our flagship since 2012. What made this model popular is its 15º Center Arching (Locked), 60º Reversible Head Section, Spring-Loaded Arm Rest with 120º Swivel and 87º Leg Incline capabilities all-in-one. Even better, the center joint can be UNLOCKED from the upper frame to make the leg section free-floating. A ramp & plateau positioning can be achieved as well as many other possible It's mply versatile! Both arm rests can be opened and closed up to 120° as well as lifted and dropped. The two side wings just above the shoulder can be folded down when the is lying down on her stomach. She can then extend her arms forward and rest on the arm rests comfortably.

   •  60° Reversible Head Section (Length: 39cm 15.35 inch)

   •  Head Section Incline: 25°

                         Recline: 35°

   •  15 center Arching (Locked)

   •  30º Center Arching (Unlocked)

   •  87º Leg Section Incline (Length: 84cm 33 inch)

   •  Spring-Loaded Arm Rest with 120° Swivel

   •  1 Motorized Actuator for Hi/Lo Adj.

   •  7 Sections Upholstered Table Top

   •  Twin oversized" Pillars for Added Stability

   •  Individual Leveling Foot on All 4 Corners

   •  Retractable Castors at Both Ends

   •  Twin Gas Struts on All Sections for Solid Support

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Product overview

Technical Specifications – CA100 – 7 Section THERAPEUTIC Table / Couch


Minimum Height:                                      560mm / 22.04” inch

Maximum Height:                                     990mm / 38.98” inch

Table Top Width:                                      700mm / 27.56” inch


Head Section Length:                              390mm / 15.35” inch

Mid Section Length:                                  640mm / 25.19” inch

Leg Section Length:                                 840mm / 33.07” inch

Total Length:                                             1940mm / 76.38” inch


Head Tilt Angles:                                      -35º to +25º

Reverse Head Tilt Angles:                      0º to 60º

Mid Arching Angles:                                 0º to +15º

Leg Tilt Angles:                                         0º to +87º

Lift Mechanism:                                         Electric

Breathing Hole/Plug:                                     1


Retractable Castors:                                      4

Weight Rating (Max. Load):                     225kgs / 496lbs


Net Weight:                                                 97.5 kgs

Gross Weight:                                             111.4 kgs

Package Dimension:                                 221 x 76 x 61 cm


Container Load Capacity


   •  20ft:                                      21 tables

   •  40ft:                                      25 tables

   •  40ft HQ:                               60 tables


Electrical Data


Control Box Input Voltage & Rating:              100~240VAC, 50/60Hz, 2A

Control Box Output Voltage:                            DC 32V, 80VA


Actuator Input Voltage:                                     DC 24V

Duty cycle:                                                          Max. 10% 2min. ON / 18min. OFF

Max. Load:                                                          Push 8000N

Max. Current:                                                      Max. 6A



AAMI ES 60601-1, CSA-C22.2 NO. 60601-1

IEC 60601-1, EN 60601-1


The electrical components used are approved by IEC 60601-1